Intersectional environmental activist and eco-communicator Leah Thomas describes Intersectional Environmentalism as “…an inclusive version of environmentalism that advocates for both the protection of people and the planet. It identifies the ways in which injustices happening to marginalized communities and the earth are interconnected.”

In the fight to save the planet and abolish racial discrimination, we just can’t have one without the other. In the same way that we are fighting to help third-world countries through fair-trade and shopping from local artisans, or even fighting for the lives of endangered animals, in order to have a sustainable future on this planet we need to fight racism.

In efforts to look after the planet, people often focus on one particular area or one particular action looking for the answers. While this is amazing and it’s a great start because those little things as a collective do make a big difference, you should ignore the other elements of environmentalism. Start with what is manageable and continue to add actions in to your daily life while educating yourself on future issues. It’s all adds up in the long term!

To help, we’ve listed some amazing Black and People of Colour who are doing amazing work in the intersectional environmentalist field. Support these people in any way you can by following them on social media, listening to what they are teaching, sharing their insights and joining their conversations.


Leah Thomasactivist leah thomas at protest

Leah Thomas is an intersectional environmental activist and eco-communicator based in Southern California. She’s passionate about advocating for and exploring the relationship between social justice and environmentalism. Her goal is to inspire others to explore new places, live more sustainably and practice radical self acceptance.

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Isaias Hernandez

Isaias Hernandez is the creator of Queer Brown Vegan where he makes accessible environmental education content. As a Queer, Brown, and Vegan environmentalist, he seeks to provide a safe space for other like-minded environmentalists to engage in the discourse of the current climate crisis.

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Tori Tsui

Tori is also an outspoken intersectional climate activist who highlights the connection between environmental and mental wellbeing. Her activism reached new heights this past year when she was recruited, and sponsored by Stella McCartney, to sail across the globe for the climate crisis non-profit Sail For Climate Action.

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Dominique Drakeford

Dominique Drakeford is a environmental educator, social sustainability writer, founder of sustainable fashion, natural beauty, wellness and land sovereignty efforts by B/IPOC (Black/Brown Indigenous Communities of Color) platform, MelaninASS, and Co-Founder of Sustainable Brooklyn, an organisation working to bridge the gap between the sustainability movement and targeted communities using tailored high-low approaches through events & resource development. For the past 10+ years, Dominique has been dedicated to redefining and breathing new life into the ideology of sustainability to embody transformative justice and creative innovation.

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Mikaela Loach

Mikaela is a freelance writer about all things sustainability, ethical-living, refugee rights & intersectional activism. she is passionate about collectively combatting the climate crisis and shares daily insights on her Instagram into low-waste living, climate activism and how to make these movements more accessible

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