We know that, by now, you are probably getting sick of seeing your same 4 walls, and the town you live in. You’ve probably had a few trips cancelled and you might feel like you’ve literally been-there-done-that-got-the-t-shirt 4 times over. 

As Melbourne enters another 6 weeks of stage 3 lockdown, it means that we are faced with another period of only being allowed to leave the house for essential shopping, medical care, caregiving or daily exercise. 

‘Daily exercise’ is definitely quite vague but it definitely means that our weekend hikes, visits to the countryside and trips to the beach are definitely off the cards again. At this stage, it’s easy to feel totally over it and just a bit down. 

We’re on a mission to turn this mindset around and embrace travelling in our own regions, and even our own towns. Just because can’t board a plane, or even stay somewhere overnight, it’s still possible to be a ‘traveller’. Here’s 5 ways how – even if it is in your own back yard!


Set your travel distance

Grab a map and draw a circle of about a 100 miles / 160km radius of your house (or however far you are able/willing to travel!). Instead of simply choosing the well know destinations within your state, use this method to look for places to explore which you might not usually consider. ⁣Sometimes just picking a place at random works the best!

Travel is a state of mind

Travelling doesn’t always mean plane travel or week long trips to far flung places. The definition of travel is simply to ‘make a journey’, so really this could be anywhere.

Embrace the adventure, bring your curiosity and set off without purpose. Even if it’s within walking distance of your house!

Embrace your area

I bet, if you really looked, that your area has much more to offer than you think.

Engage with the cultural heritage in your region, visit a museum displaying local history and artefacts, visit that local landmark or hike that route near to you. You never know what you might discover!

Look for the magnificent in what could be seen as the mundane

Things don’t always have to be new to be exciting. Try to change your mindset so that you are looking for the best in everywhere you go.

That hike that you’ve done a million times will always have new things to see, that walk around your neighbourhood will have a different view if you do it in reverse, places look different when the sun is shining. Almost any place has some beauty, if you just look for it!⁣

Support local businesses

There’s never been a more important time to support your local businesses. If you’re not able to take a trip anywhere just yet, use the money that you’ve saved to try a takeaway from a new restaurant or take part in an activity in your own town.⁣ After all, if we invest our money in the future of our local area others will be more inclined to invest too. 

When was the last time you explored your own backyard? Let us know in the comments below.