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It’s estimated that the average adult spends 3 hours 15 minutes per day looking at their smartphone. The chances are that you also work in front of a computer, so that’s upwards of 10 hours looking at a screen each day. I don’t know about you, but when the weekend hits we usually find myself craving some time away from the screen.

Meditation can help to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and feel more energised. Luckily it comes in all kinds of different forms and doesn’t require hours of solid ‘OHM’ time, or even a daily practice. Mindfulness podcasts are a great way to support this practice, simply focus on your breath and bring yourself in to the present moment.

When it’s pouring down outside at the weekend, embrace the slow morning and get cuddled up in bed, with a warm cup of tea and one of these free mindfulness podcasts.


Unlocking Us – Brené Brown

mindful podcastsYou’ve probably heard Brené’s TED Talk ‘The Power of Vulnerability’, and her podcast does not disappoint.

Unlocking Us features conversations that unlock the deeply human part of who we are, so that we can live, love, parent, and lead with more courage and heart. With guests like Alicia Keys and topics like anxiety, connection and finding meaning, it is prefect for present times.

WE RECOMMEND: Brené on Anxiety, Calm + Over/Under-Functioning

Sugar Callingmindful podcasts

Cheryl Strayed, author of lost to found memoir Wild, says writing taught her how to give advice. In this moment of uncertainty, she’s setting aside advice-giving in favor of wisdom-seeking and turning to the writers who have long inspired her for courage and insight. Guests include Judy Blume, Amy Tan and Margaret Atwood.

WE RECOMMEND: Roll Up Your Sleeves, Girls

Mindfulness Modemindful podcasts

Bruce Langford hosts interviews with leading experts and entrepreneurs to increase your calm, focus and happiness.

Aimed at business, entrepreneurs, educators, parents who are looking to be more relaxed, contented and satisfied with life.

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On Beingmindful podcasts

On Being, hosted by Krista Tippett, examines what it calls the, “animating questions at the center of human life: What does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live?”.

Each episode features conversations about the big questions of meaning — spiritual inquiry, science, social healing, and the arts.

WE RECOMMEND: Martin Sheen, Spirituality of Imagination

Ten Percent Happier

ABC News anchor, Dan Harris, explores happiness from all angles (whatever that means). Ten Percent Happier ventures beyond meditation, bringing on leading researchers in areas such as social anxiety, bias, creativity, productivity, and relationships. Guests include meditation teachers (including the Dalai Lama – yes that’s right), scientists and celebrities.

WE RECOMMEND: Can You Be OK With Uncertainty? Jack Kornfield

How often do you listen to podcasts? Let us know what you think of these episodes below!