ICYMI, from 11:59pm tonight all Melbournians will be required to wear a face mask when out in public spaces.

Under new rules that come into force at midnight, masks and face coverings are required if you leave your home for one of the four permitted reasons: work and study, shopping, exercise and giving or receiving essential care.

The majority of facemasks out there are made from man-made fabrics which, while being great at protecting us know harmful germs, are terrible for the environment. However, we’ve seen a new wave of recycling from some fashion brands out there who are making masks from sustainable fabrics or utilising the opportunity to reduce their waste by using their off-cuts to make masks.

Here are some of the best places we’ve spotted where you can find an eco-friendly and sustainable face mask. You’ll have to be quick though, they’re selling out fast!


Lois Hazel

Melbourne-based sustainable fashion label Lois Hazel has produced 4 face masks that are made from their studio fabric off-cuts, so you can match your face mask with your favourite Lois Hazel outfit.

Made referencing a CDC approved pattern, these triple-layer washable masks are easily adjustable to fit the face with a fine elastic left untied for self-adjustment.

Available in four colours:  Red Earth, Plaid, cream and toffee. All masks are lined in un-dyed close weave cotton, with a cotton voile inner layer for extra protection.


Veronika TuckerF006DA25-03C8-4723-BF24-FE645DC15168-A2B41CF9-21DA-458B-ABB3-B68CAC8834C5.JPG

These triple layer fabric face masks, handmade in Veronica’s Melbourne studio from remnant fabric, with braided elastic ear loops are perfect to complete your tonal look.

Each mask has an outer and inner layer made from natural fibres, with an internal layer of 100% polyester (as recommended by the DHHS).

Buying face masks from fabric off-cuts is another great way of helping to reduce the fashion industry’s fabric waste.


Muse The Label

Aussie brand Muse The Label’s face masks are made in house by Christine, the Muse founder, pattern maker, sewer, delivery driver and market stall sales girl.

Their masks are made using 3 layers of 100% Linen and are reversible with a lighter and darker side. Their linen is sourced from mills that guarantee its workers a fair living wage, HR practices, worker training and is fully compliant with current REACH regulations.


Second StitchFabric Face Mask

Designed to help you reduce touching your face, Second Stitch’s reusable non-medical face masks are machine washable and made from 100% NEW Cotton. The cotton is tightly woven but still comfortable and breathable.

These face masks have a cotton lining so you can slide an additional filter in between for an added layer (filter not included).


Vanessa Gullone

Australian brand Vanessa Gullone has a sustainable approach to pattern making, grading, sample development + production. They design and manufacture their masks with 100% Cotton.

These masks are durably designed and have quality construction to ensure breathability and comfortability. have wire insert across the nose to provide a comfortable fit against the skin (which also prevents glasses fogging).


Theo The Label

Sustainable fashion brand Theo The Label are creating masks from linen/cotton blend to achieve a softer final product. 100% linen is too porous and 100% cotton is too stiff, so we compromised with a blend. The synthetic layer in the middle will act as a washable sewn-in filter which you cannot remove.

The masks have 3 layers = 1 layer of synthetic non-woven interfacing (acting as a filter) in between 2 layers of cotton/linen blend fabric. Instead of using elastic (which is a non-renewable synthetic) for the earloops, these masks have a jersey string which is more comfortable as well as more eco-friendly. It is made of 80% recycled cotton and 20% polyester.


Stay safe all!