“Cinco de Mayo, also known as Battle of Puebla Day, is a holiday that celebrates the date of the Mexican army’s May 5, 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War.”

Cinco de Mayo has become some what of a cultural phenomenon around the United States. It’s used as a time to celebrate Mexican culture and an opportunity to drink margaritas and eat tacos, but how can you do this and stay conscious and eco-friendly?

We’re not usually ones to celebrate these commercial holidays, but in times like these we think we all need a little fun, and an excuse to come together as a household, eat good food and be present for the evening.

Shop local, shop organic and use this time to inform yourself about Mexican culture; listen to Mexican musicians, learn Spanish, read up on the history, browse the art of Frida Kahlo and enjoy! We’ve put together some of our favourite eco-friendly Cinco De Mayo ideas for you below.


Drink Organic Margaritas

If you’ve been anywhere near Instagram recently, you’ll know that we’ve all been loving a quarantini during lockdown,

Mix up some organic tequila, with organic limes and some simple a

gave syrup and top with some fairtrade, organic sugar for a conscious Cinco De Mayo tipple.

Eat Vegan Tacos

It is a joint celebration of Cinco De Mayo AND Taco Tuesday after all! The meat industry plays a huge role in contributing to global warming and there are some delicious alternatives to meat and cheese for tacos, so opt for vegan tacos this year. Think sweet potato and black beans, crispy cauliflower or tomatoey 4 bean mixes, I promise you even the meatiest of meat lovers will love them.

Reduce your impact even further by only buying what you need and buying local and organic.

Support local businesses

There’s been no more important time then now to support your local businesses. Shop for your Cinco De Mayo supplies at local grocers, markets and small businesses in your area.

If you don’t fancy cooking, use the excuse of supporting local businesses and celebrating the Mexican culture by ordering from your favourite Mexican restaurant or taqueria. A lot of bars are also set up now for takeaway cocktails. Remember to take your own flask and containers to reduce your waste!

Make your own

If games are your thing, make your own instead of buying new. Use pieces of used cardboard or biodegradable tissue boxes and tissue wrap from presents you’ve received to make a pinata. Use this lockdown time to get crafty with your household.

Decorate with what you already have

Instead of buying new decorations make use of what you already have lying around the house. Upcycling tin cans and coloured glass bottles can bring life to your table. Use scraps of red, white and green coloured paper from discarded magazines and newspapers, along with fresh flowers, fresh fruit and cactus’, to brighten up your space.

How will you be celebrating Cinco De Mayo? We’d love to hear in the comments below.