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Sneakers have come a long way since the early days of big sports brands producing ugly sneakers in sweatshops. Today, sneakers are not only stylish and sleek but can also be eco-friendly and sustainable. Sneakers come in all kinds of designs which are perfect for weekend runs, sunday brunch’s and weekend walks in nature right through to casual days in the office, so we’ve found some of the best eco-friendly sneakers to suit your style.

These 5 brands are making amazing steps to make positive social impact on the environment and communities around the world, prioritise ethics, use sustainable and recycled materials or donate to not-for-profit organisations to ensure that you look good, whilst doing good and giving back to the planet.

Whether you’re shopping for sneakers to bring back your fitness motivation or just your next pair of comfortable shoes, we think that you’ll fall in love with these styles below.



Certified B Corp brand Allbirds use responsibly sourced material to make all their sneakers, such as eucalyptus tree fiber. These breathable, silky-smooth sneakers are light and work to minimise odurs.

The recycled materials they use, combined with the brands dedication to buying offsets means that all of their sneakers are carbon neutral.



Ethletic Sneakers produce Fairtrade sneakers using FSC®-certified natural rubber and organic cotton. The brand were the pioneers of natural rubber, which they sourced directly from Sri Lanka.

Using fair and sustainable supply chains is key for Ethletic. They founded the ‘Welfare Society’, which pay one US dollar as a premium for each pair of shoes sold, offer repair services to extend the life cycle of each pair of shoes and are also PETA-vegan approved.



Veja shoes clean lines and minimalistic colour palette will add cool to any outfit, whilst doing good for the planet. The B Corp certified brand craft their sneakers from environment friendly materials such as recycled plastic bottles, natural rubber and organic cotton.

The brand operate fair trade conditions with all of their supplies to support decent working conditions and positive community engagement. Veja also produce a vegan range of sneakers to suit your individual conscious beliefs.


Nothing New

Nothing New is a sneaker start-up founded in 2019 which look good, and do good. As the name suggests all of their shoes are made from sustainable and recycled materials, like 100% post-consumer plastic for the upper and recycled cotton, fishing nets, rubber, and cork for its other components.

With clean lines, vibrant colours and luxury quality these shoes aim to positively impact the planet and educate the people that live on it. Nothing New aim to extend the life cycle of each pair of sneakers it makes and will clean and donate them or break them down and put the materials back into its recycled supply chain after use.



B Corp certified Toms product shoes to the highest standards of social and environmental impact. For every pair of shoes purchased the brand match with a new pair of shoes for a child in need, with over 60 million pairs of shoes being donated to children in need through humanitarian organisations who incorporate shoes into their community development programs so far.


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