Beauty & Wellness


In these unusual times, it’s important to practice self care for the calm, relaxation and rejuvenation that these activities bring, not only in that moment but for overall improvement in your mental health.

It’s said that mindfulness can relieve stress, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, and alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties so when it comes to self care you will further these benefits, and your health, if you practise this in a mindful way.

With all our time spent at home, it’s the perfect time to develop a mindfulness & self care routine that fits in with your daily routine. Whether this is taking a few moments to be present throughout the day, or a few hours allocated in your evening, find what works for you and what you will be able to stick to so you can see the long-term benefits.

We’ve put together some of our favourite mindfulness and self care ideas to get you started.


Take a Bath

For us, there’s nothing better than sliding in to a warm bath. Set the scene in a mindful way, add in your favourite bath salts or bubble bath, light candles, make a cup of tea, decorate your bathroom with fresh flowers, choose which book you will be reading. Just remember to leave your phone in a different room!

Listen to a podcast

Switch off the television, put down the newspaper, close social media, stop your conversations and put your headphones in with a mindful podcast. There are a lot of different podcasts out there, from guided meditations to advice conversations to sound baths and interviews but you can find our favourites in our post HERE.

Create a mindful bedtime routine

Most people see huge improvements in how fast you fall asleep and your sleep quality if you craft a proper bedtime routine.

Set aside some mindful time in your evening to turn your phone off, run a bath, apply your favourite skincare products with care, drink your favourite night time tea, turn your lights down and get in to your warm bed to read a book.

Do some gentle yoga or stretching

We’re all aware of the benefits of physical fitness from yoga but yoga also has so many benefits for the mind, and is a great way to stay present and give yourself self care. Yoga doesn’t always have to be fast vinyasa’s or crazy poses, just take a few moments to practice some gentle asana’s or do some simple stretches while focusing on your breath.

Do something creative

Take up a hobby which you can be really present in.

Activities like painting, drawing, colouring, journaling, creating a list of your goals, knitting or writing poety are all great mindful activities which have so many benefits.

We’d love to hear your self care routines in the comments below. Head to our post HERE for more mindfulness podcasts.